Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a public-private, nonprofit collaboration created to meet the challenges facing millions of individuals and businesses affected each and every day by cybercrime.

Cybercrime: Victim Support And Recovery

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The Problem

1 in 4 U.S. adults are a victim of cybercrime each year.

As the number and impact of cybercrime incidents continues to grow each year, individual and small business victims struggle to find the help they need, and responses from various law enforcement agencies vary by jurisdiction.


Number of victims who reported
an incident to the FBI/IC3 in 2019.

$3.5 billion

Amount of victim financial losses
reported to the FBI/IC3 in 2019.


The Solution

CSN has created a new program – – which involves partnerships with law enforcement, cybercrime support organizations, and corporations throughout the United States. We are collaborating to help guide and support cybercrime victims through the reporting and recovering efforts, and then to provide information and resources on how to protect against future incidents.

And soon, cybercrime victims will have one phone number to call to reach a referral specialist who can navigate a victim through the reporting, recovery, and reinforcement process.

CSN’s mission is to individuals and small businesses affected by cybercrime.

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by pointing consumers and businesses to the best information from experts in cybersecurity education and awareness

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by enabling a local, one-stop access to get someone on the phone who is empathic and responsive and can direct callers to the appropriate support based on crime type

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and After:

by providing key contacts to guide in recovery and tools to prevent revictimization

Pillars of CSN’s Commitment

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Serve Victims

Connect cybercrime victims to resources

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Grow Partnerships

Bring together law enforcement, nonprofits, government and consumer protection organizations

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Engage Policymakers

Educate legislators to improve funding for cybercrime victim services

Guiding Principles

Cybercrime Support Network strives to follow these guiding principles in all we do

Bring a voice to and serve the victims of cybercrime.

Work within existing law enforcement and victim assistance systems to enhance services and collaboration.

Promote education and awareness for all citizens.

Ensure victims are connected to local, state and federal law enforcement when needed.

Provide effective training for cybercrime first responders.

Create a robust and uniform national database of cybercrime data.


As a public-private nonprofit organization, CSN has created as the first nationwide initiative developed specifically to help cybercrime victims through a process of “Report, Recover, and Reinforce” after an incident occurs.

Check back often for new resources and reporting improvements.

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