Alert: Impersonation Attempt

Cybercrime Support Network has been made aware that somebody is sending emails from an email domain that is designed to look very similar to ours. These emails are not from CSN. This is an impersonation of our website and email addresses – Cybercrime Support Network has not been hacked or compromised. 

Here are the email’s details, although there may be variations:

  • Sender: [name][@]cybercrimesupports[.]org
    Note: The sender says they are from Our actual organization is — without the extra “s”. 
  • Subject: Inquiry Message
  • Text: Hello and Greetings, I have a couple questions associated with your web page below. [webpage link] Who would be the best person for me to email in regard to this page? Thanks – [Name]

If you receive one of these emails, forward it to (with the header information if possible) and then simply mark it as spam or delete it. 

As a reminder, always carefully check the sender address of any emails you receive, do not click on unexpected email links or attachments, and never respond to this type of email, as responding tells the cybercriminals that they reached a real person (increasing the likelihood you’ll get more emails).