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CSN seeks the participation of all organizations with interest or expertise in law enforcement, addressing the needs of cybercrime victims, and advocating to combat cybercrime. Partnering with CSN is easy and there is no cost to participate.

CSN is working with national partners to provide cybercrime victims with:

  1. A coordinated law enforcement response;
  2. Easy to use and find educational tools;
  3. Discounted security products that impact online safety;
  4. A simple reporting process that leads to a robust national crime database; and,
  5. Most importantly, a person to talk to about their experience.

CSN will:

  1. Collaborate with law enforcement, consumer protection, victim advocate and private organizations to grow and provide resources to consumers and small business;
  2. Develop an understanding of cybercrime impact on consumers and small business;
  3. Identify and develop programming to serve those affected;
  4. Share critical threat and crime data with key stakeholders;
  5. Build teams to execute the solutions; and
  6. Measure the impact of providing support before, during and after an incident.

To achieve these goals, CSN relies on the commitment of partners willing to work together. Collective efforts create a force multiplier effect and maximize the impact we have in helping cybercrime victims before, during and after an incident. Partners are encouraged to take one or more roles in the mission to support victims, including:

  1. Supporting CSN’s mission;
  2. Contributing subject matter or technical expertise;
  3. Making a substantive contribution to the support system available to victims;
  4. Promoting CSN to a specific constituency, through leadership and communication;
  5. Participating in CSN programming; and,
  6. Contributing to CSN’s long‐term sustainability

Become a Partner

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