A Resource Database for Cybercrime Victims and Law Enforcement

As a public-private nonprofit organization, CSN has created as the first nationwide initiative developed specifically to help cybercrime victims through a process of “Report, Recover, and Reinforce” after an incident occurs.

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West Michigan & Central Florida 2-1-1

With the support of funds from the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime Vision 21 Grant, Heart of Florida United Way and Heart of West Michigan United Way have partnered with CSN to implement a multi-state approach for responding to the unmet needs of cybercrime victims. This approach is scalable nationally and includes coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement, the consumer protection community as well as victim advocates.

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Heart of Florida United Way

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Rhode Island 2-1-1

Rhode Island is the very first state to make cybercrime victims a priority in Victim of Crime Act funding, giving Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to utilize the existing national 2-1-1 infrastructure as a platform to support cybercrime and online fraud victims. The Rhode Island Cybercrime Victim Support Initiative proposes an innovative solution to aid victims through a partnership between Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center, United Way Rhode Island 2-1-1, and CSN.

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