#ChatSMB with Keeper Security – Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to all of those who participated in yesterday’s Twitter chat, #ChatSMB. We had so much fun chatting with you! Yesterday’s chat was sponsored by Keeper Security, a top-rated password manager trusted by Cybercrime Support Network and many others to help keep their passwords safe. Using a password manager is key in preventing data breach and securing your accounts!

#ChatSMB was a success; with 309 conversations, 191 engagements, and a potential audience reach of 252,623 people! We always have a blast hosting these chats, especially when we have a wonderful sponsor to highlight and thoughtful, engaged participants to chat with! Here are some of our favorite answers from the Twitter chat…

Q1: In order to protect our small businesses from cyber-threats, we have to assess our risks. What are some important risk factors that SMBs need to keep in mind? 

Q2: What resources can you offer to small businesses looking to mitigate these risks? 

Q3: Recently, many of us have transitioned to working remotely. How does this impact a small business’ #cybersecurity? How can #SMB’s make sure their teams stay safe working from home?

Q4: What are some immediate steps we can all take right now to improve our individual #cybersecurity? (We recommend 2FA, strong passwords, and password managers like @keepersecurity)

Q5: Since many of us are working remotely, we can turn to video resources like webinars to educate ourselves. What are some of your favorite video/webinar resources? Check out @keepersecurity’s webinar on avoiding #DataBreach: https://www.keepersecurity.com/resources/cpa-webinars.html

Q6: The FBI/IC3 report shows business email compromise as the most costly #cybercrime with $1,776,549,688 total losses in 2019 alone. How can we prevent #BEC in small businesses?

Q7: What does #cybersecurity mean to you?

Q8: After cybercrime strikes, it can be difficult for SMBs to recover. If your small business has been affected by #cybercrime, visit Fightcybercrime.org for recovery steps. What recovery tips do you have for SMBs affected by cyber-incidents?


We had a great time discussing small business cybersecurity and risk management with you! Thank you for sharing all of your tips and resources, you make the world a more cyber-safe place! We look forward to chatting with you all again soon. In the meantime, please follow our chat sponsor, Keeper, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!