Cybercrime Guide for Older Adults and Caregivers

Older adults and caregivers face a variety of cybercrime concerns from Medicare/Social Security scams, to banking fraud, to social engineering scams like phishing and robocalls. Fraudsters try to access your personal and financial information through tactics like these. The FBI/IC3 states that $649,227,724 total losses were reported in 2018 from the 60+ age group alone. With this in mind, we created a resource page on specifically for older adults and caregivers. Visit this page for resources to aid you in reporting, recovering, and reinforcing your cybersecurity after cybercrime strikes. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find in our new resource page:

1. Tailored resource links: You will find specific links to cybercrime and online fraud support pages that older adults and caregivers use the most. This provides easy access to recovery resources in the face of issues like:

Charity Imposter Scams
Deceased Identity TheftFamily/Friend Imposter Scams
Financial Identity Theft
Hacked Account or Device
Investment Imposter ScamsMedical Identity TheftReal Estate/Mortgage Scams
Social Security Number Identity Theft
Tax (IRS) ScamsTimeshare/Travel Scams

2. Preventative measures: Education and prevention are the keys to minimizing cybercrime risk. We have included important preventative measures, instructions, and tips to help keep your devices safe. In this section, you’ll learn how to enable 2-factor authentication, create strong passwords, avoid social engineering scams, and more. The more you learn about cybercrime and scams, the more likely you are to recognize them in action.

3. Relevant articles, resources, and videos: From how to spot a Social Security scam to preventing online banking fraud, older adults and caregivers will find a wealth of information regarding cyber safety and cybercrime recovery. This section contains helpful information from our partners, government agencies, and banking institutions.

Securing and protecting your devices after cybercrime strikes is essential. We’re here to help you protect and recover your personal data in the cyber-world. Visit for more cybercrime recovery help and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!