Cybercrime in the Social Media Arena with Keeper Security – Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to all of those who participated in our Twitter chat on Oct 12, 2021 in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This was made possible by our chat sponsor, Keeper Security, a top-rated password manager trusted by Cybercrime Support Network and many others to keep their passwords safe. 

With a potential reach of more than 886K, 595 organic engagements, and 144 hashtag mentions, this chat was an insightful conversation about cybercrime in the social media arena.

Here are some of our favorite answers from the Twitter chat:

Q1: What risks are associated with using social media?


Q2: What types of data are cybercriminals looking to steal on social media?


Q3: What are some red flags 🚩everyone should keep an eye out for on social media?


Q4: GenZ is often labeled as the digital, tech-savvy generation. How do cybercriminals target this younger generation on social media?


Q5: Social media platforms constantly make updates to their privacy and terms. How can we be sure we keep up with these updates?


Q6: What are some resources, tools, or tips you have to help people protect themselves on social media?


Thanks again to all of the organizations and individuals who contributed to a lively Twitter Chat full of tips and resources to protect yourself on social media. Follow @CyberSupportNet on Twitter and subscribe to the CSN newsletter to stay in the loop for future Twitter chats.