#CybercrimeStories – Giving Victims a Voice

We hear their stories every day. Anyone can be a victim of cybercrime and online fraud. In 2018 alone, the FBI/IC3 received 351,936 reports of cybercrime. Before FraudSupport.org, victims of cybercrime had no uniform resource recovery center to guide them through the aftermath. We are working hard to provide recovery steps and advocate for the victims of cybercrime. These are a few of their stories…

I was a victim of a scammer. I sent her $300 to buy Bitcoin. After I sent my money, she blocked me.” (real quote received on FraudSupport.org) Picture this: you are looking to make an investment online. You know that Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency, and you decide to take the plunge and purchase some, only to discover that the transaction was illegitimate. By the time you realize that your money went to a scammer, it’s too late. Now, with FraudSupport.org, you can easily access the resources you need to report, recover, and reinforce your security after this type of cybercrime strikes. 

“Someone from Nigeria is using my information from Facebook, using my pictures and my name. How do I stop it?” (real quote received on FraudSupport.org) Seeing your face and name used on someone else’s profile is a scary experience. Social media identity theft raises concern about your reputation and about your loved ones potentially getting scammed by this fraudster. It can be especially intimidating if this imposter lives in another country. You may feel helpless and unable to report this issue, but FraudSupport.org offers guidance through the process of recovering from social media identity theft like this.

We are proud to serve the many victims of cybercrime. Since launching FraudSupport.org, we have heard countless stories of cybercrime victims. Through hearing their stories, one thing has become very clear to us; cybercrime victims need a voice. Our mission is to be that voice. Help us advocate for victims by providing feedback on our resource recovery database. We are a public-private nonprofit, and our efforts are made possible by generous contributions from sponsors and the community. To support our mission, please donate today!