Virtual High Technology Forensics Conference

August 9th – August 11th, 2021 11:30am – 4pm EST



DarkOps 2021 is a High Technology Forensics Conference that will include the best and brightest from all over the world in forensics, intelligence, computers, and infosec topics. Join us on an incredible journey into the depths of the latest trends in investigating all that is technology! 

Register HERE. Must be in the following industry to register:

  • International Law Enforcement
  • US Federal Law Enforcement
  • US State Law Enforcement
  • US Local Law Enforcement
  • US and Allied Military
  • Corporate INFOSEC or C Level Executives
  • Government INFOSEC or Administration
  • Academia

The agenda is available to view here.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Contact for more information.


 Nick Furneaux

Managing Director at CSITech and Interim Chief Technology Officer at Asset Reality.

 Nicole Beckwith

Cyber Threat Intelligence at GE Aviation, Member of Infragard, Trainer at Interpol, and Police Officer for Germantown, OH.

 John Valkovci

Chief Counsel at CI2; Retired DOJ CCIPS AUSA, Professor at Saint Francis University.

 Gabrielle Hempel

Senior Special Agent, Secret Service, Former Houston Police Officer, CFE Certified.

 David Utzke

Fraud Detection Analyst, IRS CI Cybercrimes Unit. Assoc Professor at University of Advancing Technology.

 Gabrielle Hempel

Cloud Security Engineer, Cigna; Training Coordinator, CI2; Marine Corp Cyber Auxiliary.

Cindy Liebes

Chief Program Officer at Cyber Support Network; Retired FTC Regional Director.

Jessica Hyde

Forensics Director at Magnet Forensics, Adjunct Professor at George Mason University.

Larry Cameron

CEO at 911 Security -Unmanned Security Platform. Active Member of Infragard.

 Amber Schroader

CEO at Paraben Corporation. Founder ICFP.

 Stacey Wright

Vice President of Cyber Resiliency Services at CSN. CISSP Certified. Professor of Cybersecurity at SUNY.

Debbie Gordon

CEO of Cloud Range, 25+ years in Technical Education / Certification.