Support Victims of Cybercrime

Has this happened to you or a loved one?

Susan was excited to purchase her first house, so when her real estate agent emailed her to wire her funds rather than bring a certified check to the closing, she didn’t question it. But her agent didn’t send that email; a cybercriminal did. And the money was gone. Susan was crushed – she had taken on a second job to save for that deposit – and now she felt devastated, betrayed, angry…and wondered where to turn.

You have the power to change all of that. By donating to Cybercrime Support Network, you can help us turn this around. We provide vital resources to assist people when they are impacted by cybercrime or online fraud. If attacked, we help individuals with reporting and recovery steps through the nation’s first online resource database, And we partner with law enforcement to ensure that cybercrime is reported and studied to get one step ahead of the bad guys.

Help CSN give victims like Susan a voice and empower them to report, recover, and reinforce their cybersecurity. With your help, they will know they’re not alone. Donate today!