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Online fraud and cybercrime are incredibly common. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), there were 351,936 cases of cybercrime reported in 2018; that’s over 900 reports per day. The financial losses of these reports totaled more than $2.7 billion. When cybercrime strikes, victims need help through the recovery steps. Until now, there has been no uniform response center or database to aid victims of cybercrime in the recovery process. The 211 cybercrime response program was created by The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN), United Way Worldwide, and United Way 211 by using the existing 211 system and CSN’s cybercrime victim support training program. Now live in three states, Rhode Island, Kent County, Michigan; Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County, Florida. We intend to repeat this model state-by-state across the nation. The lines are live and available to you 24/7. Thanks to this partnership, victims of cybercrime will finally have a voice and a place to go for assistance. Dial 211 to receive support from trained call center specialists. Learn more about our work with United Way Worldwide and United Way 211 in this blog:

Take Steps to Avoid Cybercrime

For people who live in areas where the Cybercrime Victim Support Initiative is not yet available, and for those who prefer to use a website for help, you can find recovery help on Simply find your cybercrime concern on the homepage and you will be directed to recovery steps and resources. This resource recovery page was created to help you report the incident, begin recovery of your losses, and reinforce your cybersafety going forward. Whether you accidentally click on a phishing email or your information is compromised in a data breach; you have somewhere to turn. Cybercrime assistance is desperately needed, and we are proud to provide these services with our wonderful partners. Dial 211 or visit for cybercrime recovery help today!