Happy Birthday, FraudSupport!

Today, FraudSupport.org celebrates its first birthday! Over the past year, FraudSupport.org has helped over 330,000 individuals through the steps of recovery after a cybercrime. Our most visited pages this year were Romance Scams, Cyberbullying, and Social Security Number Identity Theft. These are just a few of the areas of cybercrime that our site provides support for. On the anniversary of the recovery resource database, we want to talk about the importance of FraudSupport.org and celebrate its growth over the past year.

Before FraudSupport, there was no one-stop cybercrime recovery resource database to aid victims of cybercrime. Now, victims of cybercrime can visit the site and find recovery steps in just a couple of clicks. Small business owners facing a data breach, teens dealing with cyberbullying, individuals experiencing an online phishing scam, and many, many more can come to our site for help. Victims of cybercrime have long been voice-less, and have been given little support and direction. We are proud to say that FraudSupport.org is changing that. 

Thanks to the collaboration of our partners and sponsors, the site has expanded a lot in its first year. We have added new recovery resource hubs for specific demographics. Now, older adults and caregivers have a designated page to visit for recovery help with social security identity theft, mortgage scams, financial identity theft, and more. We have also created a resource section for children, teens, and young adults. We recognize that cybercrime can happen at any age, and young people need guidance as the cyber world becomes a bigger part of their lives. 

We have developed a resource library full of printable guidelines, info-sheets, and checklists to help you navigate cybercrime risks. Hang up our online gaming poster to remind your child about the risks and warning signs of cybercrime, or print out our digital clean-up checklist to make sure that your devices are clutter-free and safe! We have also started a monthly newsletter to help you stay up to date on the latest news, security tips, scam alerts and more. To get real-time scam alerts and cybercrime news, follow FraudSupport’s Twitter account! 

Thank you to all of the partners and collaborators who contribute resources to our database. We are so proud to bring your services to the victims across the nation. Our mission is to give cybercrime victims a voice and a place to go for recovery. Cybercrime Support Network is a public/private non-profit organization, and our mission would not be possible without the generous contributions of sponsors and donors. To help us help victims of cybercrime, donate here.