#InternetSafetyChat – Hosted by Identity Theft Resource Center and Cybercrime Support Network

Thank you to all of those who participated in yesterday’s #InternetSafetyChat, hosted in honor of Internet Safety Month. With 407 conversations and a potential reach of 650 thousand people, #InternetSafetyChat was a success! We were thrilled to see so many informative, helpful resources and tips shared. These chats are made great by thought-provoking responses from participants like you. Here are just a few examples…

Q1: Internet safety risks are always changing. What are some new internet safety risks you’ve observed?

Q2: What internet safety risks do young adults and teens face most often?

Q2b: What internet safety risks do older adults face?

Q3: Do you have any tips for individuals looking to improve the security of their devices and accounts?

Q4: How does data breach affect businesses and individuals?

Q5:  What are some social media sharing guidelines that you recommend?

Q6: What are the risks of oversharing online?

Q7: We’ve discussed several cybercrime risks. Now, can you name some red flags that might help consumers watch out for these scams?

Q8: What are some simple steps that individuals can take right now to improve their internet safety?

Q9: Do you have any other resources to share with the chat for #InternetSafetyMonth?

We had a great time discussing internet safety with you! A special thank you to Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) for co-hosting this chat with us in honor of Internet Safety Month. To keep up with cybercrime recovery information, follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Thanks for joining; we look forward to chatting with you again soon!