Resources for Remote Work and Small Businesses

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses and employees have transitioned to working remotely. While you stay home to keep yourself and others safe, we want to help you maintain your cybersecurity. We’ve collected a list of small business and remote work resources to keep you secure. Check out these free webinars, toolkits, and other resources from our trusted partners and sponsors: 


The Federal Trade Commission recommends you utilize the Small Business Administration’s dedicated page. Learn more about this small business resource here.

Global Cyber Alliance has resources for those working from home. Additionally, their cybersecurity toolkit is tailored to help small businesses reduce their cybersecurity risks. It’s free and effective. 

We recommend utilizing the Cyber Readiness Institute’s Cyber Readiness Starter Kit to prepare your business for cyber-threats. Visit their Remote Work Resources as a guide during these uncertain times. Additionally, their information on Securing a Remote Workforce has valuable tips regarding cyber-hygiene and staying vigilant in securing your remote business. 

KnowBe4’s home user course is designed for all age groups, from teens to seniors. We’re all staying home and using the internet more, and not just for work. This individual course is valuable for anyone, even if you’re not working from home. Check it out here. (Password is “homecourse”) 

Are your kids at home, too? Since school is out for many, KnowBe4 is also offering resources for kids. Check out these free videos and activity books

For those of us working from home, KnowBe4 has a specific home course to help keep you safe!

TechStak has put together a Work From Home security starter kit. They will be providing free cybersecurity assessments accompanied by a free Dark Web Scan, Vulnerability scan of one IP address, and threat alerts. Utilize their resources to protect yourself as cybercrime increases due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Visit their resources here:

Trend Micro has gathered resources to help address the new security challenges you may be facing during the pandemic. Learn more here.

Microsoft has you covered by making it easier for your remote workforce to securely access all the apps they need, from anywhere and providing new threat intelligence and security guidance during the global crisis.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides resources, webinars, research and advocacy for small businesses combating the coronavirus. Learn more here.



As we make the switch to remote work during these uncertain times, many of us are using video and teleconferencing platforms like Zoom, WebX, Skype, or Google Hangouts. It is important to modify your security settings for platforms like this. We’ve listed some tips below. 

If your video conference was hacked, visit our new Hacked Video Conference page on

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