#CybercrimeChat: Social Engineering 101 with Keeper Security – Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to all of those who participated in our #CybercrimeChat on Aug 12, 2021, This was made possible by our chat sponsor, Keeper Security, a top-rated password manager trusted by Cybercrime Support Network and many others to keep their passwords safe.

With a potential reach of more than 573.2K, 850 organic engagements, and 189 hashtag mentions, #CybercrimeChat was an insightful conversation about the ins and outs of social engineering.

Here are some of our favorite answers from the Twitter chat:

Q1: Social engineering is a type of cybercrime that manipulates people into giving up confidential information. What are some different ways social engineering can show up in the digital world? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q2: When it comes to these different types of social engineering, what red flags should we look out for? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q3: What are the dangers associated with social engineering? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q4: What can happen if someone gets a hold of our personal information? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q5: If someone uses social engineering to get a hold of our personal data, what immediate recovery steps would you recommend? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q6: Why should we all care about the privacy of our personal information? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q7: How can we better protect ourselves and our personal data from social engineering tactics like phishing and smishing? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity


Q8: Do you have any resources or tools to help people protect their personal information from social engineering? @KeeperSecurity #CybercrimeChat #KeeperCommunity