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Support for Romance Scam Survivors

Romance scams can have dire effects on a survivor’s financial well being, but many don’t realize the emotional and mental toll these types of scams can have. Survivors of romance scams often feel embarrassed and guilty for not being able to recognize the scam and for becoming involved to begin with. The feelings of falling in love can be very intense, and the betrayal of trust by the scammer can invoke feelings of anger, betrayal, distrust, shame or grief.

That is why CSN launched its free, confidential Peer Support Program in May 2021, in collaboration with Give an Hour, to help romance scam survivors combat feelings of loss and embarrassment, while teaching them cybercrime awareness and education. This program was developed to support the participants’ mental well-being and decrease rates of revictimization.

In 2021, romance scam survivors participated in 10-week virtual sessions led by a licensed counselor from Give an Hour who provided guidance to support the participants’ mental well-being. In addition, CSN’s program directors taught participants about cybercrime awareness and best online safety practices. Graduates of the program walked away with a better understanding of cybersecurity best practices and the knowledge to move forward.

The Peer Support Program is offered at no cost to participants via a remote structure (i.e. telephone or video conference), allowing individuals to connect with others beyond their immediate community and reducing barriers to participation. 

The FREE program provides:

  • 10 weekly one-hour peer group sessions led by a licensed counselor
  • Peer groups comprised of up to 10 participants
  • A lesson plan for each session that includes educational material on fraud, scams and cyber safety topics 
  • Information and support for mental wellness in each session

To learn more and register for the program, visit: www.fightcybercrime.org/peer-support/