Youth and Cybercrime Week

It’s Youth and Cybercrime Week! This week our goal is to bring awareness to how cybercrime affects youth. But what do we mean by youth? Really, this week is about all of you children, teens and young adults whose lives are affected by online scams. Your generation, Generation Z, is currently made up of those who are ages 5-25. This is a critical time period in your life as you are growing up and shaping into the person you will be for the rest of your life.

This year, all of you Gen Zers are navigating either your childhood, teen years, college experiences or young professional lives through solely online resources. Along with the normal challenges you face as you grow up, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of cybercrime is now more prevalent in your lives than ever before.

This week, CSN’s Youth and Cybercrime Week will aim to educate you about scams that are affecting children, teens and young adults. We will cover scams that affect Generation Z whether navigating the new online society, education system or even when applying for a job.

This week, keep an eye out for:

As a way to ease the burden of these new online struggles, CSN is committed to providing your generation with resources, assistance and awareness about the online scams that affect the nation daily. CSN supports you and applauds you as you navigate this new normal during such a critical time in your lives.

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